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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Unprecedented is a word that I have heard repeatedly these past few weeks to describe the times that we are in. It has even been used as a descriptive answer or as an excuse when there is confusion in how to move forward. But what does the word unprecedented mean? According to the New Oxford dictionary, the word unprecedented means, never been done or known before. We are living in unprecedented times.  

Now, this is old news.

It is our reality and the scary reality for our young children too. Their lives have also been suddenly disrupted. The best thing that we can do is to love, reassure and make them feel safe. We can help children feel safe by creating certainty in their lives. We can make a visual schedule to create predictability for children with special needs. Create a routine and stick to it.  We have to be mindful that children can pick up on our emotions and that they can see our actions. As parents/caregivers we have to practice self-care, and use our coping skills to create balance. 

As we are all being disrupted by a pandemic, we can disrupt this disruption by creating special moments. I am realizing that what was once mundane is now extraordinary. The mundane has become my special moment and I am so grateful for these occasions. I am performing activities that are familiar to me and letting them guide me into what is already known. I am setting my precedent!

Here is my list of extraordinary activities that I would like to share with you! 

-Being thankful 

-Taking inventory of all the good that is around me (my family, house, water, plants)

-Writing a letter to a friend and mailing it  

-Telephone conversations

-Cooking a meal


-Taking a walk

-Reading a book

-Playing board games 

-Reading a book to children remotely via technology

-Doing a puppet show remotely via technology

-Writing a letter to a penpal


-Clean a room, closet, or corner that’s been neglected or...

...Just doing the mundane!


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