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Visual Motor Skills

Visual-motor skills (also referred to as visual-motor integration) is the coordination between visual perception and fine motor control. It allows us to use our eyes and hands in a coordinated manner so that we can perform activities such as reading, and writing.

Vision precedes all movement, and the way we perceive something impacts how we move in response to it. If a child doesn’t perceive shapes, numbers or letters correctly he will not copy them correctly. Visual-motor skills is the integration of what we see with our eyes and the body’s response to move with coordination and efficiency. 


Delays with your visual-motor skills can make the following tasks very challenging:

  • Catching a ball

  • Throwing at a target

  • Copying/drawing shapes

  • Number formation

  • Correct letter formation

  • Copying words

  • Puzzles 


Activities that can help visual motor integration: 

  • Stringing beads

  • Coloring 

  • Tracing

  • Cutting along a line

  • Design copy

  • Writing

  • Dot to dots

  • Mazes

  • Lacing cards

  • Geo-board

  • Bean bag toss at target

If this is a topic of interest I am available to present to parents, educators, and other professionals who work with this population.  

Occupational therapy services are also available. If interested please contact me.  

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